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SME News allows you to submit news, add article and guest post to news feed without paying for your publication. Add your news for free!

Please use our form below. It is the most efficient way to post news and will increase the chances of it being posted. News is usually processed within a day.

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We do not publish non-original news, articles or guest posts.

Please check your content for originality with the appropriate services available on the Internet. Your texts should be readable.

We will not publish your news, articles or guest posts, if they have been published on other sites and if they do not fit the category topic.

We do not publish content that contains swearing and other offensive language.

Adding images is possible in the sections “Brand News and “Featured News” or you can pay for adding pictures if you post news in other categories. Please find our rates in the section “Advertise

You can add the author’s name, phone number, website address and company name at the end of the article. Other links will be removed.

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