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Orange Pharma LTD is one of top distributing companies for pharmaceutical products in Kenya.


In 2011, Dipesh Shah and Kaushik Purohit pooling resources with others to launch a general merchandise store in the area of ​​Nairobi’s OTC selling consumer goods lower the price.

Their company, Orange Pharma, targeted solely hawkers, kiosks and retail stores where they delivered orders on foot or bicycle.

“We realize that our customers’ businesses grow into mini-wholesale lent their luggage to the bus stop hawkers and traders roadside while sourcing for products directly from us,” recalls Mr Shah.

They moved to Baba Ndogo Light Industry a year later and start the import of products from India and China, increase their income to Sh200 million in 2013.

Along with Paresh directors Dodhia and Miraj Dodhia, Mr Shah said they registered Sona Moja, extra Sonadol, Kaluma balm and Sonaplast that they continue to promote in TV and radio ads and branded billboards across the country.

Orange Pharma LTD is one of the country’s top distribution company for pharmaceutical products.

It is also distributing household goods throughout the country. Since 2011, the company has made its mandate to provide state-of-the-art distribution of pharmaceutical quality products to vendors.

As a service of excellence, they make sure dodgy punctuality in all their shipments and follow the requirements set forth under their operating agreement. They are located in the industrial area of ​​Nairobi, just 15 kilometers from the business district, Baba Dogo off the road.

Orange Pharma Ltd. Nairobi, Kenya, P.O.Box 39461 – 00623. Phones +254705957575 +254737957575

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