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Xiaomi announced of a new line of phones called “CC”


That is the approach that the aspiring smartphone Xiaomi seems to be taking these days, with the announcement of a new line of phones called “CC”, which seems to be targeting millennials, based on a post on Friday by the CEO of Lei Jun on his Twitter. Weibo account.

Xiaomi said the series was developed by a “Chic & Cool” team of the generation after the 1990s, and will provide colorful and creative “smart phones”. It will offer new flagship models in partnership with Meitu, the leading application of selfie embellishment in China. .

Earlier this week, the company and Meitu mentioned “Xiaoxiannv (小 仙女)”, a jointly developed model that means “little fairy”, aimed at female users. Meitu confirmed to Caixin that the model is under the recently announced CC line, but did not disclose the prices or launch dates at the Weibo mention.

The release of CC is just the latest in a growing series of new name launches for Xiaomi, as it tries to increase its sales and raise its shares. Earlier this year, Xiaomi spun off its low-priced Redmi brand and said the move would allow it to “specialize in segmented markets” for more customized products. Xiaomi told Caixin that CC is a series of products under Xiaomi, similar to its high-end mix line. The two companies declined to comment on whether CC will become an independent brand in the future.


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