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What dresses do men like?


Clothing that creates an hourglass figure is the more objective of the two items; there’s a distinct, measurable ideal for the hip-waist-bust ratio that men find most attractive- regardless of size and cultural background. Anything that shows off a tiny waist against some nice, child-bearing hips will make you look attractive on at least a purely sexual level to most-all men (even if your style is polar-opposite to what they prefer). Really, when is the last time you heard a guy talking about how he digs narrow hips? Or about how sexy that baggy shirt is that hides your waistline? (And what is it with these torso-bags that are so central to fashion nowadays?) You can figure out which particular items will best suit your shape (apple, pear, pencil, upside down triangle) by reading up fashion articles and advice columns.

The only clothing item I would say is near-universally attractive to all men would have to be the Dress. I’ve never met a man who didn’t like to see a woman in a dress, which isn’t surprising since it’s one of the most effective ways to create the appearance of well-proportioned curves (though that isn’t to say there aren’t men who fetishize jeans and butch clothing to a greater degree- but I’d qualify those preferences as just that- a fetish). Wrap dresses in particular, while not exciting from a fashion point of view, are extremely effective at creating that nice hourglass silhouette regardless of body type. There’s a reason every fashion guide and guru lists it as a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe.

Heels would have to be my second runner-up, most men find them attractive so long as they aren’t too ridiculously high and you know how to walk in them.

Note: Whatever clothing does suit your shape, don’t forget to make sure it makes your ass look great too- women so often forget about this since it’s not usually what they’re appraising in the mirror. Trust me, it’s far more important of an asset (hah) than most females seem to realize. Even non ass-men still dig the backside, and things that make your butt look good will often make up for any tummy you happen have. Too many dresses out there that are all fancy in front and lacking in back.

Now the issue of communicating femininity is a bit more subjective, and comes down to how each male perceives different styles and places them into the context of what he finds to be attractively feminine, and what’s not feminine enough or looks too overdone. I think men in general are a little less discriminating in what they like to see a woman wear (particularly in the U.S. where fashion-consciousness is stigmatized as “unmanly.”)

That’s not to say there isn’t an incredible variety of tastes out there, but I think most men aren’t so aware of the little things that really pull an outfit together such as jewelry, accessories, statement pieces, and the creative assembly of such. An overly fashionable and accessorized woman may even cause a bit of trepidation and distrust by giving off the impression of being high-maintenance, standoffish, and/or having excessively high standards.

What seems most important to me is choosing clothing in whatever style suits you (and that draws the kind of attention from the kind of men you want) and yet still creates a strong, clean, hourglass silhouette. After you have a strong foundation you can add an accessory here or there for interest without letting the outfit get too busy or hard to “read.” Striking clothing is the best: bold colors, simple, elegant lines that show off the female figure, touched with an accent here or there (such as a low-hanging necklace, or earrings against your exposed neck) to draw attention subtly (or not-so-subtly) to the areas you want the man to focus on- preferably your best assets. While some may dig trashy more than others, and while that may be the kind of attention you want to attract, try not to overdo it- don’t hide your features under a mask of makeup and fashion- highlight your features with the amount of drama that fits in with your personal style.

Author: Laura Starkey

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