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Veteran ptsd research why won’t work.


I had medical malpractice was done from us navy CVN 74 to now from va for 8 years. My shoulders are off by inches and my ptsd is anger with TBI. Va research isn’t proper they just spend it on remodeling every clinic.

I have written trump three times on my va matter no help and denied, all other republican sent three times no help and denied va fix. To a point of voting democrat because maybe someone may care for veterans that get injured and that ain’t rich like most that get faster n full benefits.

Here why I had ptsd in 2011 va has n knows but did medical malpractice then saying I retired in 2015 when fact I have paperwork to show 2011 retired for medical. I gotten told I’ll go to jail I can’t use bad language because it hurts others in room 1 on 1 with therapist or get told I can just stop n leave. How is that a ptsd program? Yes I have facts pictures and xrays to show that ptsd research just way to spend more money and still not help veterans like myself. Two times tried killing myself and I have two young kids and not one proper channel I been throw for VA truly has helped.

I hope you pick this story to show that ptsd research is their for veterans but they don’t get proper care.

  • Submitter Name: David James Smith

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