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Unidesign Co. is a manufacturer of design sheet products and stickers


Unidesign Co., Ltd., established in 1993, is a manufacturer of design sheet products and stickers, and we are a leading company professionalizing in design development. We produce, distribute, and export various design items such as beaustile, aluminum insulation kitchen sheet, etc. Unidesign Co., Ltd., with the motto of creative and innovative design product development corresponding customer needs, it has developed the ever popular 3D beaustile sheets, currently being exported to various countries such as Japan, the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, etc.

UNIDESIGN is a “design manufacturing company” as we engage in the production, distribution and export of our own products as well as product development and design. UNIDESIGN is consisting of four departments, which are Design Development Department, Production Management Department, Logistics & Packaging Department, and Sales Promotion Department.

Specifically, the Design Development Department is dedicated solely to creating home interior ideas and designs of new concept each year while the Production Management Department works closely with our factories and partners to ensure stable production, supplies and lot number management (QA). Meantime, the Logistics & Packaging Department undertakes the duties of quality control (QC), packing, and preparing for shipment.

In addition, UNIDESIGN has been an active participant in the internationally recognized exhibitions and fairs including the “Maison & Objet Paris” in France, “Premium & Gift Show and Mega Show Part 1” in Hong Kong, “TOKYO INTERNATIONAL Gift Show” in Japan, and more such shows held in the US, Vietnam, Thailand and India to widely promote and prove our marketability and design capacity through our products, focusing on venturing into oversea markets.

With the motto of developing creative and innovative design products that meet customer’s needs, UNIDESIGN developed the adhesive dimensional tile sheet brand, “BEAUS Tile”. This is our signature brand for further development, sales and promotional activities.

“BEAUS Tile” is an international patented functional product that has been accredited by the Bureau Veritas Korea and the Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL) for its flame retardancy and zero hazard quality. “BEAUS Tile” is resistant to fire at the temperature of 120°, does not get wet, and is easy to attach and detach, making it highly convenient for decorating bathroom and kitchen.

The long-term future goals of UNIDESIGN is to complete the structure of batch production and vertical integration to fully reflect the various customer needs with competitive prices so that we can develop products with more innovative and creative designs, and distribute BEAUS Tile and more design products around the world.

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