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Is it the next Ticwatch?


Ticwatch is a series of popular (mostly) OS Wear devices that are also often designed to look like “real” watches as possible. Their creator, Mobvoi, has released an official video that contains a glimpse of upcoming releases that give the impression of being the latest addition to this line.

With a double right side button and what looks like a built-in strap, this new watch is very similar to Ticwatch Pro. However, unlike this smart watch, one of these buttons has a diamond cut pattern that rotates around the round side, which matches the outer bezel of the device. This lends a new premium wearable aspect.

The upcoming watch is also touted as an “enhancer” of user efficiency, which, according to a separate leak, could be a Mobvoi for LTE connectivity. The OEM has also released 3 additional details about Ticwatch’s new ruling. One of them is he has a “sophisticated and precise” heart rate monitor; the other is that the watch can track telemetry tracking health and fitness, and finally, this watch offers “smooth” notification monitoring.

OEMs will continue to release the next nugget preview similar, one day until new products are released. This event is set for July 10, 2019. Meanwhile, the Mobvoi offers the opportunity to register to the mailing list in exchange for a discount code on this new device that can be charged.

Mobvoi. https://www.mobvoi.com

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