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This man really was a bad man.


Ms Kim,

My name is Sarah Bourbeau. Please allow me your attention. Tonight’s episode on NBC nightly news, February 9 th, 2020 there was a glimmer of hope for me, a friend, and possibly others.

I recently had to move from Washington, DC to upstate New York. I have been suffering over 25 years of abuse by someone. Tonight’s episode on the new crime – fighting surveillance technology has given me a glimmer of hope.

I graduated from George Washington University in 1993. I met someone. He was an African American man, over 6 feet tall. He had dread locks. He said his age was ten years older. He said his name was Michael Geoffrey Bland. I really do not know if his name is real.

My mother at the time was head of Development at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School in Georgetown, DC. My mother and I were living together in Georgetown. I moved to a house with a friend who was a woman in Takoma Park, MD.

This man really was a bad man.

I liken my story to that of Elizabeth Smart.

He assaulted me repeatedly (physically and sexually).

During his torture he laid out over my future what he would do to me. He mentioned he would get people to harass me anytime, any where.
He talked about who would become president (the possibilities) and that he wanted to have a semblance of control over people if he would drastically have to try to take over the presidency. He was big on being black, the legacy of his kids ( so posedly he had three – one girl and two boys). He wanted to make sure his kids wouldn’t suffer and carry his name. He said he had plans put into place for other people to carry these things out he wanted.

I have friends who met him back in 1993. Friends from GWU and others. For a while he was “nice.”I have for years working hard to try and set up support systems.

When I knew him in 1993 he had houses in Adams Morgan, DC.
I have moved numerous times to get away from his abuse.
I lived in upstate New York with family and then in my own. He always managed to hurt me.

I have pictures of his abuse.

In 2004 I sold a house in Canandaigua, NY because he was hurting me and moved back to Washington, DC.

I had the same apartment from 2004 until October of 2019.

He was for months before October 2019 psychologically harassing me. He had control of the apartments around me and had people constantly talking to me through the walls.

For a long time I had a therapist Dr Kurt Ela at Georgetown University ( or Georgetown Medstar).

I thought for a period of time I was going to be ok. Through a serious of Dr Ela and a woman therapist at Georgetown I had recently switched to both not being available ( filled up with clients) my support system was gone.
This abusive “man” had fake police men bother me.

I was dating a painter in dc ( who has a master’s degree in finance from France). His name is Cherif Mamadou.

Now both he and are are severely taunted abused by Michael.
I even moved again from DC to upstate New York again.
StillI get abused in this small town in upstate New York.
Michael’s prized move is to get people to move into the building where I am living and or have direct neighbors be in his pay roll.

It is like a new aged mafia.

I fear Cherif is suffering the same treatment.

One unbelievable horrible thing I experienced in DC before I moved is I realized that something Michael said he would do 25 years ago he has done. He drugged me through the shower water in my apartment.

Please I am asking for your help to get who ever is running the New Crime – fighting Surveillance Technolgy that was reported on NBC nightly news tonight, February 9th 2020, to help me and Cherif. It will possibly help many other people as well.

I am attaching a painting Cherif has done of what Michael has done and is doing to the both of us.
Please help me.

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