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The best way to reach international gifts markets


My parents started to work in the local Gemstones/Mable/Salt industry 37 years ago. That gave me a very good chance to learn about the local nature stone industry since he was young. On the other hand, my 3 elder brothers have been doing business with German companies since 1997. When I set up his own gifts business in 2005, I also focused in German companies to start with.

As the Chief Executive Officer of RMY International, I have never thought of doing gifts business other than the German market, because I didn’t have the connection and worried that it will cost a lot to manage so many countries ….. until I signed up as a free member in 2005. I got my first order with a US customer just within the first month.

With advertising on SME News, we already have setup gifts warehouse in Russia, Australia and China in order to facilitate the increasing orders we are receiving from over 40 different countries !

I hope my experience and tips can be beneficial to other members on SME News. SME News definitely is a world-class global business platform and I am sure I shall remain as a member as long as my career lasts !

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