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How to submit your story to CNN


In the fast-paced world of news and 24-hour global coverage, the flow of information seems more like a tidal wave. Removing your messages can be a challenge in this environment, especially when targeting large networks like CNN. To submit your story to CNN is actually quite easy; However, making it noticed and taken by editors or reporters is much more difficult. By following a few easy steps, you will be able to get your story to CNN in a short time, giving you more time to focus on writing something that will attract the attention of the editor.

Write a clear and concise story. Large networks like CNN receive a lot of shipments every day. Write your story in the right way. Make sure that the contact information is clear and displayed at the top of the story. Give several ways to contact you, including your email address or telephone number.

Go to the CNN website and look for the “News Tips” page, which is listed at the bottom of the home page, in a small font. This link is the most efficient and fastest way to get your story to CNN, unless you have personal contact with a writer or editor. You can open the contact page directly at: www.cnn.com/feedback/tips/index.html.

Click “Tip News” and submit your story to CNN. Once on the contact page you can choose the area most relevant to your story. Options include education / innovation, finance / money, human interests / features, and investigative stories, among others. After you select your option, fill in the online form and paste your story into the box provided.

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