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How to submit press release to google news


Google News has become one of the most widely read source of news announcements. It takes a different approach than the typical news sites – instead of giving a view on the topic of sometimes hundreds of links to sources so that readers can get a different perspective from different news outlets.

Google News also publishes company press releases, and for a lot of public relations and SEO company, their clients get a press release into Google News is one of the most important distribution points. But there are only three ways we know to get your press release into Google News.

Submit news to SME News
Submit news to SME News

1) Become a Google News Providers: If you’re running a news site, you can submit your site for potential inclusion in Google News. It must meet certain publishing and technical requirements but possible. Please go to Publisher Center for more information.

2) Get published on the website where Google News: There are thousands of sites (online newspapers, magazines, and news sites niche) that has been the source of Google News, and if you reach one of them and get the news announcements you posted on their site, it has a chance to get included in Google News.

3) Use Google News approved press release services: Many services press release, including SME News, a Google News source specifically for press releases. To try and make sure you consider the press release services cannot be published on Google News, there is a very quick way to check. Google News search with the site’s name in the press release and ensure their release appears. Note that only the last 2-4 weeks of their release will be included and ranked release. Another way to check is to look at the latest releases published on press release sites, and search for the title of some of these releases in Google News.

The easiest way to publish a press release on an international news portal is to use this form.

And remember, Google News reserves the right to publish whatever they want, so make sure your press release is a good one!

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