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Cheap Smart TV has arrived in Malaysia


Smart TVs are becoming more accessible at the bottom end of the market as major brands begin to offer larger and smaller screens with smart features at lower prices. It seems that this trend is about to continue with the official launch of Coocaa, a brand that aims to offer affordable smart TVs in the Southeast Asian consumer electronic market.

Owned by the Chinese electronics company Skyworth RGB Electronic Co, Coocaa was originally launched in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam in 2018 – the brand sees itself as a pure e-commerce brand, with products only available on Lazada.

The brand has achieved the feat of becoming the most sold brand of household appliances to Lazada SEA during their first 8 months. In addition, Coocaa is also the number 1 television brand on Lazada in Indonesia.

Turning now to the positives: how affordable are these smart TVs? Read more for more details.

Coocaa tells us that they will launch 5 variants on the Malaysian market that will be available exclusively on Lazada:

The Explore series will be sold in 2 sizes: 50 “and 55”. Both models will have a 4K UHD resolution of 3840 × 2160.
The Change Series will be available with a 40-inch Full HD display.
The Innovate series will be available in 32 “(720p / HD) or 40” (Full HD).

From what we know, the Explore and Change series will come with Android 8.0 as the operating system, although it remains to be seen whether these TVs will run on the official Android TV operating system, or just a version at the fork of the open source version of Android. From what can be seen from the onset of the Android version, it looks like the official Android TV operating system.

Note that unofficial Android TVs may have problems with streaming providers such as Netflix, which allows only officially certified devices to play Full HD content and above. For example, many Android decoders read only Netflix content in SD, while official Android players such as Nvidia Shield or Mi Box S are fully supported by Netflix.

On the other hand, the Innovate series will run on Coocaa Lite, an exclusive operating system of the Chinese company. However, there is some confusion here because the official specification list we received indicates the “Netflix 5.1” operating system for the series. Amazon Prime will be integrated with the operating system, although Netflix support is not mentioned at this time.

Exclusively on Lazada, Coocaa will have a pre-sale offer from June 29th to July 11th. After paying a 5% deposit during this period, guests will be entitled to a discounted price on July 12th.

We have not yet gotten hold of a unit for review, but the prices are certainly interesting – well below the market price for major smart TV brands. It will certainly be interesting to see how the Coocaa smart TVs are doing in Malaysia after the success announced in other countries in the region. TVs are covered by a 2 year warranty and provide 1 exchange for 1 exchange for the first year.

Skyworth RGB Electronic Co. Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. http://www.skyworth.com

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