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Schmidmeier’s largest plant has been handed over to customers conneKT Energy


After only 22 weeks of installation and several weeks of trial operation, the largest plant of Schmidmeier NaturEnergie to date was handed over to the end customer. Where the American forces worked in the HARVEY BARRACKS from 1945 to 2006, there is now a state-of-the-art technology park. After a few years of stagnation, the airfield of the U.S. Army, known as” KITZINGEN AIRFIELD, ” is now back in operation. Already on 3. On May 11, 1911, a Würzburg flight pioneer had left for his first flight – after that, it was here until the second flight. World War II the Air Force stationed. In 2006, however, it was closed and the site with beautiful old trees between the historic buildings fell away.

Now life has returned and hundreds of people work in the conneKT. Everywhere, there is renovation and construction, huge new halls are built, a well-known company after another settles. All this was made possible by the company. Flower Square, which has taken over the Park in 2013 and is steadily expanding.
The heat supply of the entire park takes place via a district heating network. Since the heating period 2018/2019, it has been served by a state-of-the-Art second-hand heating plant for Schmidmeier natural energy. The core piece is the 250 t Kohlbach boiler with a rated thermal output of 10,200 kW with water-cooled furnace and a flue gas cleaning with pre-separator and fabric filter incl. Additive dosage. The fully automatic fuel storage and feeding of the boiler is carried out by a Robo Crane from Schmidmeier.
The plant is used for about 6,000 t of waste wood of classes A1 and A2. The plant saves approximately 4.300.000 kg CO2 per year.

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