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Satechi Launches New Dual Smart Outlet


Satechi, known for its line of accessories for Apple’s iOS and Mac devices, today announced the launch of its first HomeKit product, the Dual Smart Outlet.

Priced at $ 60, the Dual Smart Outlet offers two separate HomeKit compatible plugs that allow you to turn stupid devices into smart devices.

If your lighting is not compatible with HomeKit, for example, you can plug it into a smart socket for on / off control and real-time energy monitoring.

The smart, Wi-Fi controlled power outlet connected to an existing 2.4GHz network works with any device or device connected to a standard outlet, such as fans, TVs, humidifiers, heaters, speakers, lamps etc. .

As with all HomeKit products, the Smart Outlet can be controlled via the Home application or via Siri voice commands. It is also available in the new Satechi Home app.

The Dual Smart Outlet can be paired with other HomeKit devices in Scenes and automated using the HomeKit Automations feature.

Satechi’s Smart Outlet joins the crowded market of HomeKit-compatible outlet options, but it takes up little space as it does not block a secondary outlet and adds an extra outlet to a standard two-socket outlet panel.

The Dual Smart Outlet can be purchased on Amazon.com or on the Satechi website for $ 60 as of today. Until June 23, Satechi offers customers a 30% discount with the promotional code DUALOUTLET, which works on both Amazon and the Satechi website.

SATECHI. San Diego, CA 92120, USA. Phone: 1(858) 268 – 1800 https://satechi.net

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