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Prada to expand in China via partnership with JD.com


Italian fashion firm Prada Group partnered with JD.com to expand the digital presence in China. Prada’s online business reported double-digit growth in 2018 and the company plans to establish an online presence for all of its sub-brands by the end of 2020. Prada’s partnership with JD represents an important part of Prada’s digital strategy. The company in China.

As part of the partnership, Prada opened an authorized flagship store on JD.com on June 17. The association was announced as part of JD’s June 18 sales festival.

Prada to expand in China via partnership with JD.com

The new store offers the next fall / winter Prada collection. The change takes place in the middle of JD’s annual shopping festival, which celebrates the founding of the company. During the sales event period, consumers enjoy a variety of exclusive offers and promotions across a broad range of products, with more than 90 percent of the key brands on JD.com releasing new items this year.

“Prada is a global synonym for the highest taste in fashion and luxury, and it is a real honor to welcome you to our online platform,” said Kevin Jiang, president of international business at JD Fashion and Lifestyle. “International brands are increasingly recognizing the power of JD as they expand into China’s growing luxury market, and we hope to help Prada connect with sophisticated consumers in China.”

PRADA. Via Fogazzaro, 3620135, Milan, Italy. https://www.prada.com

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