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Petrostal Metallurgical Plant is the leading subsidiary of PJSC Kirovsky Zavod


Petrostal Metallurgical Plant is the leading subsidiary of PJSC Kirovsky Zavod, accounting for up to 45% of its consolidated revenue. This is a multifunctional enterprise with a full cycle of metal processing from steel smelting to the manufacture of parts using modern metalworking equipment. The plant produces long products, steel, iron and nonferrous castings, and components and spare parts for a variety of industries in Russia and for export (about 40% of rolled products, as well as ready-made components for mechanical engineering, are exported).

The plant’s main competitive advantages are: closeness to European markets, a unique niche between large manufacturers and retailers of metal products, flexible adaptation to market requirements, a wide range of products, and a reputation as a reliable partner. The plant’s development potential is linked to a modernization project, which began in 2010.

LLC Russian Forging Plants is a joint project between JSC Kirovsky Zavod and JSC Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant. It occupies a niche in heavy hot-tempered forging and stamping (up to 300 kg). The company uses internationally certified technology adopted by the world’s major automakers, and is equipped with modern high-tech mechanical processing equipment. The plants’ main consumers are motor companies, producers of agricultural machinery, railways and oil and gas companies.

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