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Party gifts are items that can be profitably sold all year round


“Party gifts are items that can be profitably sold all year round. There’s hardly a month of the year when parties celebrating a special event are not being given,” began the article titled “Party Goods Displays and How They Increase Sales” which ran in Gifts & Decorative Accessories’ March 1965 issue.

In 2019, that statement rings as true as ever, but for those that want to maximize potential sales of party gifts, here are some practical tips:

  1. Make sure party goods are clearly visible and accessible. “Party gifts will sell themselves if samples are opened and displayed so customers can see the designs and colors,” according to one manufacturer the Gifts & Dec editorial staff spoke to. “Another point mentioned was that party goods packaged in polyethylene bags served two important functions. First, they are easy to store. Second, these bags greatly decrease the amount of breakage and damage.
  2. Center your party gifts display around a visual merchandising theme. “As the months change, so should the main display,” the article continued. “In June, a dealer’s department can feature party gifts for weddings and anniversaries. By using a bridal centerpiece as the focal point of the display, the department’s message gets across to the shopper. For Fourth of July picnics, a dealer can decorate his department with red, white and blue. He can also make use of fire crackers, rockets and pinwheels to further complement his display. For the month of August, dealers can use an open wicker picnic hamper as the centerpiece…Since the customer’s eye will travel all around the display use as many different patterns of plates and napkins as you can, without making the display look cluttered.” It’s especially important to pique a customer’s interest in party supplies during summer months, the article explained, because “today’s trend toward more and more outdoor living and entertaining means that party goods will be in great demand.”
  3. Don’t forget about your window display. “It goes without saying that a dealer’s window display should follow the same pattern as the one he did for the in-store display,” the article stated. For the retailer, a corresponding window display can help attract more attention and possible foot traffic into the store.

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