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Ninjacart has achieved scale coupled with precision


As Ninjacart do take the risk of fruits and vegetables from farmers and give it to small retail outlets, income is largely dependent on the commission to get out of the whole deal. According to this startup, the farmers were able to get a better remuneration because there is no involvement of intermediaries and no assurance of a steady demand.

Ninjacart wants to change that with the adoption of technology and employing business sense

In a country like India, the fruit and vegetable supply chain fraught with inefficiencies where the end of the chain, namely, producers (read farmers) and consumers generally shortchanged in terms of quality and price.

Bengaluru-based startup Ninjacart wants to change that with the adoption of technology and employ business sense. Ninjacart sources of agricultural products from farmers directly and supplies directly to small retailers.

Fruits and vegetables are highly perishable commodity where each lag can severely impact the entire supply chain. Ninjacart say that they have, over the years, creating the backbone of the technology needed to deliver results that are almost free from error.

Today, with more than 1,500 tonnes supplied every day for close to a dozen cities, Ninjacart has reached a scale coupled with precision. startup states that both producers and consumers are getting a reasonable price without shortchanged.

There is no better endorsement could come to Ninjacart when young startup Tiger gets global attention. In April this year, PE funds $ 100 million round lead to Ninjacart. Reportedly, Walmart also has expressed interest as an investor. Has raised $ 154 million to date and close to a dozen services available in the city.

Ninjacart, Site no # 9, 1st C Main Road, Jakkasandra Extension, 1st Block Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034 Phone: 08039515192 https://www.ninjacart.in

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