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Three “concept-driven labels” from Nike.

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Today Nike announced that it will launch what is described as three “concept-driven labels.” Nicknamed N. 354, THE10TH and D / MS / X, each label is intended to celebrate Nike’s heritage in experiments and solving utilitarian problems.

Each of the three footwear lines lives in its own space, gaining inspiration from various parts of Nike’s multilevel history, using a mixture of the same classic and fresh silhouettes.

The N. 354 line shows Nike’s penchant for experimenting and hence draws a lot of inspiration from the vast collection of Nike Archive prototypes. Each prototype represents a trial attempt to solve a problem. This includes Huarache boots and Shox technology. Meanwhile, N. 354 will try to push the boundaries of footwear design in the same way as those technologies did when they debuted.

Pre-Nike history Bill Bowerman as a member of the United States Army served as an inspiration to THE10TH, after serving in the 10th Mountain Division. This division specializes in conquering mountain and arctic conditions, which will be reflected in the sneaker style that comes out of this silo. The design language here will be more rough and directed outward.

Finally, D / MS / X looks at the edges of the sport, some of which may not be automatically associated with Nike, such as urban motocross. The sports will be an inspiration for the classic remix and the new Nike silhouette.

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