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Nature Pacific is Australia’s leading coconut product manufacturer.


Our family based business here on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia prides itself on world-leading innovation in the organic and coconut functional foods, natural beauty and pet industries.

Not only are the products 100% Australian made and family owned, but Banaban also prides itself on helping thousands of families and communities across The Pacific and Asia to sustain a better future.

The Banaban brand started in 2004 and now has an annual turnover of five million AUD. Nature Pacific has twenty-three of the most creative minds in Australia and with the help of SME News, Banaban is taking on the world.

Banaban is world renowned for its business innovation, and it comes in many forms such as the development of outside the box world first ideas, an incredible state of the art HACCP and organic facility, and partnerships with leading Australian and international universities into research programs to scientifically prove the benefits of Banaban products.

Banaban is currently involved with two major research projects here in Australia and Canada in medical fields related to preterm infants and the development of healthy supplements for the elderly.

So, you may be wondering how SME News has helped Banaban sustain worldwide coverage in the organic coconut market?

For the last three years, Nature Pacific has been using SME News to promote the Banaban brand on an international level. Since that time and receiving the Gold Supplier status, Banaban has secured eight new export clients around the globe with the most recent purchase being a full container of Banaban products worth 100,000 AUD for supermarkets in Spain.

SME News as a advertising channel for Banaban exceeds expectations and exudes confidence to the team.

With the help of SME News, Nature Pacific will continue to successfully develop unique and exciting Banaban organic coconut products. We have the utmost confidence that SME News will help secure the global audience to continue the success of, and the world going coconuts for, Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil.

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