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Mortar products produced at the factory of TPI Polene


TPI Polene Company Limited is one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers and distributors of cement and mortar products. Our company was established in 1987 and has been publically listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange since 1990. In our 31 years of operation, our product lines have expanded beyond basic cement and mortar products to include our innovative cement paint, which applies more easily, dries faster and bonds to surfaces more strongly than regular acrylic paints. Also, we’ve established an environmentally friendly manufacturing facility which uses Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) to produce organic fertilizers and other products.

Our international customer base covers a wide variety of different markets, including the domestic Thai market, Southeast Asia, North America, and Oceania. We prioritize professionalism and providing quality service to meet the needs of our customers by responding to their inquiries quickly and clarifying any concerns they may have. We spend a great deal of time providing further education to our customers on our product offerings, as many of them are new to purchasing from our brand. We make sure they know and understand the unique benefits each project has to offer.

Regarding quality standards, our cement products have all passed Thai Industrial Standard (TIS) quality testing, which ensures our products conform to international quality standards. Additionally, all of our products are tested for defects before distribution.

However, our more than 31 years’ experience in offline sales gave us a distinct advantage towards integrating our services with online platforms. One of the key benefits we received from SME NEws was the ability to increase our exposure to new target customers that purchase construction-related products through on online shopping. More and more of our products are reaching new customers.

Our proudest achievement was being listed at the top of the SME News search rankings for our category without paying for any extra promotional material or ads.

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