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Maxwood Furniture Inc. is locating a new distribution center in Marion County


Maxwood Furniture, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of bedroom furniture, announced Tuesday it’s locating a new distribution center in Marion County.

The new distribution center is expected to create 21 new jobs for the area.

The company said it intends to locate its new, 130,000 square foot warehouse on East Highway 76 in Mullins and manage its own distribution operations.

“We just want to welcome Maxwood Furniture to Marion County. We greatly appreciate this industry choosing to establish a distribution center here that will bring numerous jobs to the area. Marion County is very proud that we were chosen as a new home for Maxwood Furniture, and we are here to support this business every step of the way, both as an industry and as a new member of our community,” Marion County Council Chairman Buddy Collins said.

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