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LiquidWind intends to develop and manage e-methanol production


Clean energy companies desire to meet the evolving requirements for renewable energy. They also want to help in the de-carbonization of the sector is currently difficult weaning with sustainable liquid fuels, e-methanol. They intend to provide labor and cost-effective replacement for fossil fuels, especially for heavy transport and shipping vessels.

As per LiquidWind, shipping accounts for more than 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions globally. IMO has pledged to reduce emissions by fifty percent by 2050. The cruise ship industry has set a larger target for emissions reductions by 2030 at forty percent. Currently the fuel industry does not have a suitable replacement is needed to achieve this target.

LiquidWind intends to develop and manage e-methanol production in large quantities in a facility designed for the same. It will help industries such as shipping to drastically reduce their carbon emissions and better their value proposition.

This technology is intended to transform the excess carbon dioxide with carbon capture methods and sustainable electrical energy into clean liquid fuels. The resulting liquid, e-methanol or electro-fuels are easy to store, use and transport. This fuel does not require only moderate modification to the existing facility.

LiquidWind located in Gothenburg. It is collaborating with a number of experts such as Carbon Clean Solution, Axpo, COWI, NEL and Haldor Tapsoe. The project has been named Flagship ONE project.

Inno Europe Energy Impact Funds that invest in energy and clean technology solutions, will provide investment and support to help LiquidWind. This investment for the commercial development of e-methanol plant’s first global scale in Sweden.

LiquidWind will build the first methanol plant in Sweden, followed by six other facilities in Scandinavia. Liquid fuels from FlagshipOne project is expected to be commercially available from 2023.

LiquidWind. Sven Hultins Plats 2, Göteborg 412 58, Sweden. https://www.liquidwind.se

Source Industry Global News24

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