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ReNEW by CogTM for more effective facial lifting


Thread lifting is a safe and convenient facial rejuvenation procedure, that requires no hospitalization or long recovery, and gives immediate results after the procedure. It can be performed in various areas of the face and body, or used to give an overall facial rejuvenation from the brows to the neck area. The benefits of a thread lift include shaping and lifting, and can give dramatic and immediate results that last from 12 months up to 5 years, depending on the type of thread used.

LAYUN KOREA has developed and released a New thread brand called ReNEW by CogTM for more effective facial lifting. We also have been trying our best even now to develop thread lifts for the next generation with the best quality and safety.
LA Yun means that our dream creating a new value unfolds into the world as a company manufacturing products for medical use.

We not only have strengthened foundation of cosmetic and plastic surgery through the development of thread lifting technologies, but also have performed research and development in the field of drug delivery system and rapid diagnostic test.

We are a growing company that sells in international markets of Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Ukraine, Singapore, Vietnam, Iran and Spain.

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