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Lady Gaga announced the launch new beauty brand Haus Laboratories


Lady Gaga officially announced the global launch of its new beauty brand Haus Laboratories: three products – lip liner, lip gloss and all-over shimmer powder – in various shades with names that match Gaga (think of Chained Ballerina or Metal Head) made by a team that includes players and makeup artists Sarah Tanno.

The official announcement came two days after exclusive disclosures to the Business of Fashion accompanied by the launch of Instagram’s @hauslabs account and posting videos – can be seen at hauslabs.com – where ‘A Star Is Born Star starred in the voice: “The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand. But it’s too bad. “

The product will be sold together and sold for $ 49 per collection (with a total of six collections), with three sets of duos (two lip liners for $ 26, two lipgloss for $ 32 and two shimmer powder for $ 36) available for a limited amount of time. And, while little monsters won’t be able to get their claws on cosmetics until they send in September, they will be able to place an advance order through Amazon’s exclusive retailer starting July 15 – the annual e-tailer blitz known as Prime Day.

“Starting Prime Day, we are pleased to be an exclusive global retailer and home to Haus Laboratories,” said Amazon Beauty head Nicolas Le Bourgeois, at a press announcement.

“Beauty is a category where customers seek inspiration and become their own experts, all with confidence to try new things – Amazon Beauty, like Haus Laboratories, is trying to make it happen. This collaboration allows us to continue to empower all customers, key members and small monsters to find and buy their favorite beauty products online. “

The official launch announcement also includes “a letter with love from Lady Gaga” which reads:

“When I was young, I never felt beautiful. And when I struggled to find a sense of beauty inside and out, I discovered the power of make-up. I remember seeing my mother wearing makeup every morning, enjoying the light of her power to show her most courageous face as a hardworking woman. I then began experimenting with make-up as a way to make my dream become as strong as my mother come true.

That’s when I found Lady Gaga. I found a super hero in me by looking in the mirror and seeing who I wanted.

Sometimes beauty doesn’t come naturally from within. But I am very grateful that make-up inspired courage in me, I did not know I had. I came to accept that I discovered my beauty by having the ability to find myself and change. They say I’m weird, but really, I just Born This Way. “

Gaga is the latest musician registered in the Amazon forces; The Prime Day concert – led by Taylor Swift, hosted by actress Jane Lynch and featuring Dua Lipa, SZA and Becky G – was broadcast live on July 10 to help draw attention to the upcoming 48-hour retail extravaganza from the Seattle-based company.

Haus Laboratories. https://www.hauslabs.com

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