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Glossiwear, which appears to be clothing.


It looks much more than just a famous gray shirt. The Glossier millennium pink packaging and must-have beauty products have taken over our shelves and forever changed our beauty routine. And after encouraging us to embrace shiny lips by launching two new colors of lip gloss, this brand will be present for our cupboards.

Glossier Is Launching Glossiwear, a Limited-Edition Clothing Line.

That’s right – Glossier, the brain behind the life-changing Brow Boy, has just released a limited edition July 17 collection called Glossiwear, which seems to be clothing. There is no detail about whether the upcoming launch might include a fully pink ensemble, but based on ‘grams, the logo hoodie seems to be part of the launch; in Instagram’s announcement, a model wears a millennial pink hoodie, and displays “Glossier” in white letters. You have to register for the brand bulletin to be the first to know when the items have fallen, but fans have been eager to get some Glossier merchandise. In fact, many Instagram followers are calling for the brand to change the pink clothes that are often seen in Glossier employees into items that anyone can buy. “Praying they started selling pink jumpsuits that were worn by the staff,” commented one person. And others admitted that it was difficult to follow all of Glossier’s goodness, writing, “It’s okay I don’t need to pay rent.” We will ask us to reveal more Glossiwear items, but in the meantime, there are many old and new Glossier products to store. Along with the release of lip gloss, the beauty company previously launched its Play Glossier line, which includes a lot of shine and color to play. And if the company takes the idea of ​​Glossiwear in the future, we would like to suggest a carrying bag that will somehow magically fit all of our makeup needs in it.

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