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FinTech Leader 2020


Funding Circle today announced it ranked first place at the Center for Financial Professionals (CeFPro) FinTech Leader 2020 Report; won the category of ‘Business Lending.’

2020 FinTech Leader report is the most comprehensive independent study of global ecosystems and rank fintech leading fintech players worldwide.

This research led the industry with independent insight on the FinTech Special Advisory Board this CeFPro more than sixty experts; develops around the end-user perspective, it is included more than 1,200 surveyed perspective and assessment of CeFPro public finances, technology, operations, risk and compliance professional.

“Statements FinTech CeFPro leader took the pulse of the industry through end-user assessment and perspectives and supported and endorsed by 60 international industry Advisory Board Member, from various disciplines and geography. The research report, along with the rankings, formed from the votes cast by the end user, “said Andreas Simou, Managing Director, CeFPro.

“Pole position in the category Financing Business Lending Circles entirely decided by the industry and can be considered an endorsement of their colleagues with what has been achieved in a relatively short period.”

As the largest lender of small business specialists in the world, Funding Circle has upended traditional loan system and create a system that puts small business owners in the center.

This modern approach to lending that enable small businesses to access fast, affordable and transparent funding for a variety of business needs; while investors have the opportunity to earn attractive, risk-adjusted returns of the asset classes were previously inaccessible.

Platform Circle business loan funding is the biggest operation in one of our geography with a total volume of global loans, the number of investors and loan outstanding.1 To date, the US has come Circle fund loans to more than 14,000 companies in the US, with the current US borrowers on average 11 years in business and $ 1.4 million in annual sales.

Funding Circle characterized recent US $ 2 billion of cumulative loan originations and $ 1 billion of loans under management, which means that US companies hold smaller business loans outstanding of nearly 98% of US banks.

“As with the Small Business feature of our options, we are steadfast in our commitment to product enhancements that will improve the borrower experience and provide more tailor-made solutions.” Said Bernardo Martinez, Managing Director of US Funding Circle. “We are pleased for the recognition of Funding Circle work to improve small business access to the capital they need to manage their business.”

Funding Circle. Phone: +44 (0) 20 3667 2245

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