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Oral scanner EzScan will bring synergy to the existing diagnostic imaging business.


Vatech announced the launch of a new line of imaging-based oral scanners as part of its goal to expand its product portfolio for the digital dentistry market and increase sales in new businesses.

Vatech’s oral scanner, called EzScan, is a product that analyzes three-dimensional information of the patient’s teeth and surrounding tissues during a prosthesis, implant and orthodontic treatment.

In the case of prosthetic treatment, for example, the device transmits digital data such as bite occlusion, distance, angle, and height to a computer immediately after analysis of the patient’s mouth. In addition, the device does not require patients to retain the gypsum during the scanning phase, minimizes the error range and reduces the procedure time.

The Korean company specializing in dental imaging expects the launch of its new Oral Scanner to bring synergy to the existing diagnostic imaging business by targeting new medical markets.

“EzScan, weighing about 165 grams, is lighter than all products manufactured by our competitors,” the company said in a press release. “It also has a fast sewing speed.”

The company plans to market the product for the first time in Italy from June and to move to other markets such as Korea and the United States, he added.


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