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Costa Coffee will be available in three delicious flavours

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COFFEE fans will be pleased to know that there will soon be new ways to improve Costa Coffee caffeine.

Coffee companies have announced that they will release cold coffee ready to drink in cans – just in time for summer.

Costa Coffee “Ready-To-Drink” will be available in three delicious flavors which are the store’s favorites – classic latte, caramel latte and black Americano.

Each 250ml can contain between 15-108 calories and Costa says, has 30% less sugar than most other ready-to-drink products.

Cold drinks are designed for coffee lovers who are looking for genuine caffeine kicks from cold coffee.

Costa will not tell us how much the latte is ready to go or where they will be sold, but said they will be charged in the same area as other cold drink cans.

Starbucks, also has a variety of ready-to-drink drinks. The popular coffee chain sells 220 ml cans of café-latte, caramel macchiato, and thin latte for £ 1.75.

And 200 ml cans of double espresso and 250 ml of mocha frappucino for the same price of £ 1.75, all of which are available from large supermarkets and news agents.

At the Costa shop, a small caramel ice latte (230ml) will get you back £ 2.95, a black Americano ice costs £ 2.10, and ice lattee is priced at £ 1.95.

The launch marks the first major new product since Coca-Cola acquired Costa Coffee earlier this year.

Dominic Paul, Costa Coffee chief executive said: “Through this collaboration we can work together to offer consumers the incredible Costa Coffee taste in cans for the first time.

“We are committed to working together to give consumers more opportunities to enjoy Costa Coffee that they know and like, whenever they want, wherever they are. “

May was a busy month for Costa for releasing a new summer menu.

The brand also made headlines after remembering chicken salad and bacon over deadly allergic fears.

Earlier that year, Costa Coffee was criticized for packing vegan drinks with eight teaspoons of sugar.

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