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Submitting Notices of Copyright Infringement

The Copyright Infringement Policy located at: (hereinafter — the Policy) shall apply to the following online form and guidelines. The terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Policy.

The following guidelines are intended for submitting notices of copyright infringement related to the Service by or on behalf of right holders.

Notice of Copyright Infringement

We respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement provided in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If you find that your copyright has been infringed upon through the use of our Service, please file a copyright infringement notice.

We will respond to your copyright infringement notice, provided that your notice complies with applicable laws and is sufficient for us to be able to locate the material complained of. It is also our policy to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers under the appropriate circumstances.

Please Read Carefully Before Filing

We encourage you to make the necessary inquiries (including taking legal advice) and ensure that your notification is legitimate.

Please note that submission of illegitimate and frivolous notices, or notices containing false or misleading information, may lead to your legal liability.

Therefore, before completing the form below, please ensure that you are the holder of relevant exclusive right or, alternatively, you are legally entitled to represent the holder of the exclusive right, and there are no grounds by which the use of the work you are complaining about might be permitted under the applicable law.

Please note that all of the claims you submit to us should contain a detailed description of the work for which exclusive rights are allegedly infringed, a specific link (in the form of a URL) to the authorized copy of the work in order to enable our team to determine the alleged violation as well as a specific link (in the form of a URL) to the allegedly infringing material which you would like us to take down or disable access to. Please note that we might be unable to respond to your notice if you fail to provide the required information.

We further inform you that we keep records of all notices sent to us and we reserve the right to disclose your notices to third parties (including the alleged infringer), as well as to the public in general.

For all other notifications and queries, please use the notification procedure set forth in the SME News Terms of Use.

Ways to Submit Notices of Copyright Infringement

We strongly encourage you to submit your notices of alleged copyright infringement via the email referenced below. Using this form will ensure a more expedient reply to your valid and complete notices of alleged copyright infringement.

However, SME News still accepts notices of alleged copyright infringement submitted by other means. By submitting such notices via any other means of communication (such as email, fax or postal mail), you hereby acknowledge and agree that subsequent processing may be substantially delayed and less effective, and you further hereby consent without any objection to such slower processing and reduced effectiveness.

If you would nevertheless prefer to use other means of communication, please send any written communication to SME News at the email address

When submitting a notice of alleged copyright infringement, please provide the following information at a minimum:

-Your first name and last name.

-Your address (including the country of residence or location) and telephone number.

-Your email address.

-Name, address and contact details for the copyright holder you represent or indication that you act in your own name.

-Type, identification and description of the allegedly infringed copyrighted work.

-Precise location (URL) of the authorized copy of the work (for example, if the authorized copy is available on the copyright holder’s website) or specify that the work is not available online.

-Identification of the material that is allegedly infringing and nature of this infringement.

-Precise location (URL) of the material that is allegedly infringing.

The following statements:

“By submitting the notice and signing with my signature, I confirm that I have a good faith belief that the use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.”

“I confirm that the information in this notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that I am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.”

“I give my consent to transfer my personal data contained in this application to SME News, and its affiliates and agree that the above companies will process my personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of processing personal data, but not less than three years from the transfer of my personal data for properly processing my application, and agree that my personal data may be disclosed to the alleged infringer.”

Your signature and date of the notice.

Please note that submitting false claims or providing false information may lead to legal liability.

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