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BulkMRO is aggregating over 5,000 brands and 1.5 million products


BulkMRO serve large corporate customers are procuring MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) products in high volume.

It supplies products that are usually categorized under ‘indirect spend,’ ‘category C spent’ or ‘miscellaneous spending’ in corporate finance.

These include products across hardware, tools, electricals, and office supplies. By availing this BulkMRO solutions, customers must interface with only one vendor for all their needs.

BulkMRO is one of eight startups India

n April 2017, it raised an undisclosed amount of YCombinator with other investors, including Ace & Company, Bain Capital Ventures, FJ Labs, and some other angels also participated in the round. According to the founder, BulkMRO work with large enterprise customers in the industry.

That makes the margin of difference between the buying and selling price of the products it supplies. A company in 2019 Tech30, BulkMRO currently serves 250 corporate customers, 40 of which are Fortune 500. The company runs the business of positive and growing EBITDA 3x year to year, with nearly 75 percent of its repeat business.

BulkMRO established to consolidate the B2B market if not broken for long tail industry products. The clientele is a giant corporation that produces everything from pharmaceuticals and cars to locomotives and turbines.

The market for industrial products really fragmented and corporates need to deal with thousands of stores mom-and-pop. BulkMRO is disturbing this space by combining more than 5,000 brands and 1.5 million product into a one-stop online marketplace for industrial products.

B2B e-commerce market of India is expected to reach $ 700 billion in 2020. The major government reforms such as GST, Making in India, and the drive to digitize the supply chain has created the opportunity for players to consolidate a highly fragmented market.

According to the founder BulkMRO, this is ‘when Flipkart.’ They BulkMRO acts as a master vendor for large corporate customers, manage all an MRO (maintenance supplies, repair, and operations) through a network vendors are not directly on the platform. Thus, BulkMRO, as one centralized vendor, reduce the intensity of the order and reconcile the GST input credits.

In addition, by consolidating orders in a few, large customers, BulkMRO able to negotiate better prices across brands. This discount is ultimately passed on to customers. BulkMRO currently employs all functions to meet the demand of the speed of its growth. It expects 15x growth in the next 18 months. With offices in more than 15 cities, BulkMRO plans to expand to 20 more cities in the next 18 months, as it scales across existing and new customers.

Bulk MRO Industrial Supply Pvt. Ltd 2nd Floor, A Wing, Todi Estate,
Sun Mill Compound, Lower Parel West, Mumbai 400013, India. Phone +91-22-4921-4921

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