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Bookdoc is connect & unite customers with the healthcare professionals of their choice.


What do you do when you manage your startup growth of 500% in the first year? If you Chevy Beh, CEO BookDoc, you increase your growth in the second year to 700%. Life must be good.

“A lot of sleep a night, and I travel almost every day,” Beh said, “It’s a lot of hard work.

Most of the trip will be among the five countries that BookDoc currently operating in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

BookDoc initially positioned as an application to help users book appointments with doctors and other medical practitioners. “That’s how we start but after that we added many new features,” said Beh.

One example highlighted is BookDoc Activ Beh. This is similar to a customer loyalty program that rewards purchases with points, except in this case, it’s about how active you are.

“We ask you to exercise and exercise is the currency,” he said. This scheme currently has more than one hundred and reward partners, and points that can be redeemed in 12 countries, covering about 2,000 physical locations and online.

From B2C to B2B

Have a nice growing user base. But the real source of growth this BookDoc happens when they start to deal directly with the company.

“The first year we B2C correct. The second year we went B2B,” said Beh. BookDoc can now calculate the client companies such as Shell, Petronas, and the park, and also did a project with the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Socso, and the Department of Defense.

One of the things BookDoc do is to help companies manage their panel doctor.

Beh claims 40,000 BookDoc have access to the health care provider, and they can use the volume to maximum assistance for improved deals. “Think of us as an aggregator, such as or Agoda. You can prenegotiate with many providers to get a better price.”

Another service they provide is to help companies analyze health data of employees. For example, it may be highlighted that one of the employees in the city seem to get sick more often than others, encourage further action.

One major achievement is that BookDoc now cash flow positive. Beh highlight that they only use half of the money they have raised, which means that they have millions of dollars (US) left in the war chest, and he was discreet about how it was spent. “I do not have a fancy office, I have no fancy out there,” he said, “We do not buy a pool table!”.

The health SuperApp

beh ambition is to BookDoc to grab it all. “I hope to be SuperApp health,” he said, “You think of health, you think BookDoc”.

The ambition will bring it into competition with the likes of ZocDoc, WeDoctor and Ping An Good Doctor, and in the process, grows with a status of “unicorn”. But Beh believe that he is working through some of the toughest own.

“Health is not easy to change,” shows Beh, highlighting the nature of the regulation, “They have very high barriers to entry”.

However, as a former director of the BP Group Healthcare, Beh managed to somehow navigate their past dangers.

As for the future, Beh optimistic that he can navigate BookDoc through this adolescent stage, and it started is where he met with most of the problems. “I run my family business from a few hundred to thousands of employees, from several hundred thousand patients for millions of patients, so I’ve done it before growth.”

Bookdoc is a Malaysian startup that allows users to search for doctors and make appointments straight from their mobiles. On the flip side, companies can also use the app to manage the health and medical benefits of their employees.

BookDoc, Malaysia, Phone +60 12-526 1331

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