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Alibaba A.I. Labs has partnered with European & Japanese automakers


Alibaba A.I. Labs has partnered with Audi, Renault and Honda to offer a smart car experience to its owners using a wide range of information and voice-controlled services by integrating Tmall Genie Auto into the vehicle-specific models of the automaker.

“Providing AI” Tmall Genie Auto, which includes speech recognition and natural language processing technologies, allows car users to access a broad portfolio of entertainment and in-car entertainment by taking advantage of the rich content and ecosystem of services from Alibaba, “said Miffy Chen, general manager of Alibaba AI Laboratories.” We are delighted to partner with world-class car brands such as Audi, Renault and Honda. Together, we can greatly improve our in-car services and make the driving experience more intelligent and interconnected. “

Car users will have access to different data and voice-controlled services, which include ordering items on the Alibaba retail platform, checking the status of package deliveries, finding nearby restaurants and even monitoring and the control of smart devices.

“Our goal is to expand voice assistance services in the car according to the demands and needs of our Chinese customers,” said H.W. Vassen, Senior Director of Digitalization and Development of NEV at Audi China. To achieve its objective, Audi intends to intensify its collaboration with Alibaba Tmall Genie.

According to Guillaume SICARD, vice president of sales and marketing for China at Groupe Renault, having Renault City K-ZE Tmall Genie Edition, consumers will have the opportunity “to experience a deeper connection between the scenarios in their lives at home and in their lives, very active “

Hasegawa Yusuke, executive vice president of Honda Motor China Investment, said he was looking forward to working with Alibaba A.I. Labs as Honda recognizes that the mobility industry is undergoing a great change.

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