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About GMGateway, Inc. Seoul, South Korea


We are GMGateway, Inc., located in Seoul, Korea. We mainly manufacture air conditioners and other home appliances, and we export to more than 80 countries. We have been using SME News for nearly five months and it has helped our business a lot. Actually, we are also using some other paid trading services, but we do not receive many inquiries through them. SME News is totally different. We get dozens of inquiries, and some of them produce good results. The bottom line is that SME News has helped us increase our sales volume.

SME News has enabled us to be in direct contact with our customers. I can tell SME News is one of best partners in our business, and we hope to maintain a long-term relationship.

Our company was established in 1996. Initially we began working in the air conditioner field of business, marketing a range of products under our “GMG” trade mark. Our GMG air conditioner is a simple and reliable air conditioner unit which possesses a complete set of standard functions such as cooling, heating, filtration, air humidity reduction, timer and anti-frosting functions, etc. We can provide you with not only normal refrigerant R22, but also environmental protection refrigerant R407C, R410a (CFC free gases) to produce a high quality air conditioner.

In 2002, we started to market a line of washing machines, refrigerators and televisions under our brand name “GMG” providing more competitive advantages for us and for our customers. With the sale of these products we are enjoying the same reputation for trust and quality that we receive from world wide air conditioner customers. As our sales grow, GMG products are taking their place among the names of other world famous electronic brands.

Our products undergo stringent inspection to eliminate any possible defects in their manufacture. Even the smallest order or sample request is subjected to thorough examination and attention by our staff.

Our company GMGateway, Inc. has set up a quality system according to international standards and obtained CE, CB, AS, UL, SASO, TUV etc. certificates.

We believe GMG products offer advanced technology and that our operating system and efficiency in marketing will improve your sales,improve the quality of life and help to provide for a more comfortable world.
We will do our best to offer you professional service and to deliver high quality products which meet the requirements of our customer market.

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